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Replacement Domes and Panels

Is your dome broken, cracked, or cloudy? If the frame and retainer of your skylight are in good condition, you can simply replace the acrylic dome or glass/polycarbonate panel of the skylight. We custom make domes and panels to fit your current skylight.

Acrylic domes come in clear, bronze, and opaque white. There are darker bronze tints available, but we will need to get a custom quote. Of the three colors, white is most efficient in reducing heat and glare.

  • Custom sized
  • Colors available: white opaque, bronze, clear
  • Materials available: acrylic domes, flat insulated glass, polycarbonate panels
  • Types of acrylic domes available: single dome, double dome

When ordering the dome only, provide either the measurement of the dome itself along the edge (including the flange) or the measurement of the metal retainer, the top part of the metal frame holding the dome. Also verify whether or not you need a raised edge (see photo below).

innovative skylights dome

Single or Double Dome?

Acrylic skylights can be ordered with single domes or double domes. Double domes are sets of two domes that go in one skylight. Double domes provide an extra layer of protection so water does not pour into the house if one breaks. It is also 15% more energy efficient if one dome is colored. For double domes, we do NOT recommend bronze over bronze because it causes the skylight to disintegrate faster.

If you had a double dome but only one of them is cracked or broken, we recommend getting both of them replaced to ensure a good fit between the two domes so that they do not rub against each other, which causes scratching and loud noises.

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