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Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb mounted skylights fit over a wooded curb built by the installer and are screwed onto the curb. They are typically used to replace existing skylights and non-standard roofs (metal, tile, flat, or low pitch).

When ordering curb mounted skylights, provide either the outside dimensions of the wooden curb or the inside frame dimension of the current skylight, from metal to metal. Indicate if this measurement is with or without flashing. We need to make sure that the new skylight will fit over the existing curb.

innovative skylights curb mounted skylight

Measure from inside of the frame

innovative skylights curb mount





In-House curb mounted fixed skylights can be custom sized up to 10 feet by 8 feet and can be made with acrylic dome(s), insulated glass panel, or polycarbonate. They come with an aluminum mill finish retainer and frame, but you have the option of having it painted and baked bronze (or with any enamel color of your choice).

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Velux curb mounted skylights come in prefabricated sizes AND can be custom sized up to 50 ¾ inches by 76 ½ inches. Velux also offers curb mounted skylights that open to let in fresh air from the outdoors (solar, electric, or manual venting). Velux skylights are made of insulated laminated glass (white or clear), and the frames are dark grey. The prefabricated sizes have blinds and flashing kits available. Impact resistant skylights are available for windstorm areas.

  • Largest custom size available = 50 ¾” x 76 ½”
  • Prefabricated and custom sizes
  • Flat insulated glass only
  • Dark grey retainer and frame
  • Sealed air tight
  • Blinds and flashing kits available for prefabricated sizes
  • Windstorm area approved skylights available

For more information, download our Velux catalog or check out the Velux website:

Also, please contact us and request more information about Velux products.

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