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Velux Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are an affordable alternative to skylights. They bring in sun light while minimizing the heat and maintenance associated with traditional skylights. Sun Tunnels are the Velux brand of tubular skylights. They look like recessed light fixtures but are actually bringing in sunlight rather than electric light.

Optional light kits allow Sun Tunnels to function as electric light fixtures at night or in rainy weather so that separate lighting is not needed. Light kits can be used with either compact fluorescent light bulbs or standard light bulbs (50 watt – 10” / 75 watt – 14”).

Blackout shades are available for blocking light from Sun Tunnels. This can be helpful for innovative skylightsdarkening a room in order to watch a movie or take an afternoon nap. Manual blackout shades are made of a special lightweight fabric stretched out over a thin metal wire ring. A mounting stick included in the blackout shade kit can be used to lift the shade up to the Sun Tunnel. Magnets inside the trim ring of the sun tunnel grab onto a thin metal ring in the shade to hold it in place.

Impact resistant sun tunnels available for windstorm areas.

Below are some before and after photos of installations that we did for customers.

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Velux-Sun-Tunnel -hall10″ Sun Tunnel


sunt_14 smaller14″ Sun Tunnel


22″ Commercial Sun Tunnels
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 Interested in Sun Tunnels?

velux sun tunnelAre you concerned about getting a view of the outdoors or do you just want more light in the house? Customers who mainly want more natural light in the house should consider getting Sun Tunnels. Sun Tunnels are Velux brand tubular skylights which bring in sunlight through a highly reflective and mirror-like metal tube. From inside the home, Sun Tunnels look like 10”-14” round recessed lighting which provides natural light all day long. Sun Tunnels can be installed on tile, metal, and flat roofs.

Sun Tunnels are a good option for lighting areas in the inner part of a building that do not have access to a window. They are also suitable for customers who do not want to spend a lot for a skylight. They much more economical than traditional skylights: typically $600 for a 10” Sun Tunnel and $700 for a 14” Sun Tunnel. This price includes the product and installation on a standard 6:12 roof pitch (not steep), composition shingles, and 4 feet of tubing. Additional tubing is available for areas that have a larger attic space.

Sun Tunnels can provide more options than traditional skylights. First, they can be installed in areas that are not suitable for traditional skylights since they require less space and can fit around various obstructions. We have even brought them into a first floor room in a two floor home! Now that’s an option you can’t get with traditional skylights! Secondly, Sun Tunnels can be installed with a light kit so that they function as the primary light fixture of a room, velux sun tunnel installproviding natural sunlight during the day and electrical lighting at night. Our light kits are installed with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Light bulbs can also be replaced with standard light bulbs by the customer. In bathrooms, lights can be connected to a fan as well. Thirdly, Sun Tunnels are 60% more energy efficient than traditional skylights. They block UV rays and allow almost no heat or cold into the home. One customer who had 7 sun tunnels installed in his home reported no increase in his utility bill.

  • For new homes being built, the best time to install sun tunnels is after the drywall is up and textured . We can install in two trips if the roof has been installed but the drywall is not up yet (2nd trip charge applies). However, the roof must be installed for us to start on it at all. This may seem obvious, but from experience, it is not obvious to all.
  • TILE OR METAL ROOFS for new construction– we prefer to install BEFORE the tile/metal has been installed. We will come back for a second trip to install the bottom part of the sun tunnel. We ask that customers contact us prior to construction so that we can coordinate with the roofers on the installation.
  • If you are having your roof replaced, we suggest that you wait until the roof work is completed before you get sun tunnels installed.

Magnetic shades give you the option to block the light when you need to. Magnetic shades come with a mounting stick that allows you to lift the round shade up to the sun tunnel. Magnets inside the trim ring of the sun tunnel will grab onto a thin metal ring in the shade. When the shade attaches, you can remove the mounting stick.

There is also an option of getting rounded decorative diffusers to replace the flat lens of the standard sun tunnel for a classic look.[/su_column]

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