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innovatiave skylights-skylight installWhat can a homeowner do to get ready for a skylight installation?

We do our best to keep your home clean and protected. Before we begin our installation, we put protective plastic in the skylight shaft. This will catch most of the debris. We also put down drop cloths on the floor under where we work. There will be some sheetrock dust and sawdust. We encourage you to move valuables and artwork to a safer location away from the work.


How long will you take to install a Sun Tunnel and do job clean-up?

Each Sun Tunnel is professionally installed in about 2 hours with no mess & will change a cave-like room into the favorite room in the house — you’ll be enjoying your “new room” that same day.


What is considered a steep roof?

A steep roof is difficult to walk on. Anything 8:12 pitch or greater is considered steep and requires a fee for installation.



Should I bring in my old skylight so you can make sure the new one is the correct size?

At your own discretion, you can bring in their old skylights to make sure the order is correct. However, we do not recommend this since leaving an opening on your roof that can lead to damages in case of sudden strong wind or rain.


How do I replace the dome of my skylight?

Disassemble the current unit by removing hex head screws around the retainer along the top of the aluminum frame. Remove the retainer and the replace the dome. A bead of high quality silicone or butyl tape may be used between the dome and frame.


Can skylights be installed sideways?

Our In-House skylights CAN be installed sideways because we do not offer flashing for it. It will need to be flashed by the installer.

Velux venting, deck mount, and self flashed skylights CANNOT be installed sideways because the flashing system is set to allow the water to drain off a certain way (with the header flashing at the top). If they are installed any other way, the warranty is void, and the risk of leaks increases.

Only Velux fixed curb mounted fixed skylights CAN be installed sideways. Instead of using the same size flashing kit, use the flashing kit that has the width of the sideways skylight and modify the length. For example, an FCM 2246 can be turned sideways and used with an ECL 4646. Special sized blinds and accessory trays may be available to fit sideway installation (for example, there is a 4622 blind and accessory tray that can be ordered).


How do I know if Velux skylights are approved for windstorm areas?

We offer IMPACT Velux skylights and sun tunnels which have been tested and are compliant with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). You can check the TDI website to see the list of Velux skylights that have been approved:


What type of caulk do we recommend for shingles and roofs?

Dan recommends NT1 caulk for shingles and Andek for flat roofs. Andek is something that we special order.



What is the difference between Velux Sun Tunnels and Solatube?

Solatube is a brand of tubular skylight. We used to sell and install Solatube for many years and believe it is a good product. However, we decided to switch Velux in order to get better customer service and support as a dealer.


How can I remove the lens of my sun tunnel (to clean it or change the light bulb)?

The lens can be removed by turning the outer ring, which will detach if rotated. Then they can pull out the lens by pulling on the rubber material that is poking out around the lens.

Sometimes bugs get into the sun tunnels if there is a gap in between the parts of the sun tunnel in the attic. We can schedule a service call out to seal (tape) up the sun tunnel joints.


How do I clean the skylight dome of my acrylic skylight?

Wash domes with mild soap or detergent using a soft cloth, using only light pressure. Rinse with clean water and dry by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois.

DO NOT USE: window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, alcohol, or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner. These chemicals destroy acrylic and polycarbonate skylight dome material.


How can I return an item I purchased?

We will only accept returns of non-damaged stock items. Products must be returned with original packaging, including packing material such as Styrofoam (for skylights), nails, and instructions. We charge a 10% restocking fee for all returns and exchanges. Custom sized skylights and special order items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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