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Residential Skylights

Residential skylights come in in acrylic, glass, and polycarbonate. We offer Residential SkylightsVelux skylights and our customized In-House fabricated skylights to meet any customer need. All of products meet local building codes and fabricated with high quality materials. Please call us to get the pricing for the skylights you need.

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Custom Made Residential Skylights

We offer two types of frames: curb-mounted and deck-mounted (or self-flashed). When ordering the skylights over the counter, be sure to know which type you need and provide the correct measurements. All our In-House are custom made and are not returnable or refundable.



acrylic skylight
Acrylic skylights have a rounded dome on top and are one of the most common skylights.


  • Less expensive than glass.
  • Easily custom sized.
  • In-House manufacturing ensures faster turn around.

Acrylic skylights can be ordered with single domes or double domes.

Double domes provide an extra layer of protection so water does not pour into the house if one breaks. It is also 15% more energy efficient (assuming one dome is colored).

Ask about our impact modified acrylic, which is stronger than regular acrylic and even stronger than polycarbonate over time.

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innovative skylight glass
Velux Glass skylights are flat on top and offer many benefits.


  • Insulated, letting in 65% less heat than plastic skylight.
  • Insulated glass blocks 99% of UV rays, preventing fading of furniture, photos, and artwork.
  • Made of dual paned tempered glass triple coated with LoE3 insulating film, dual sealed with argon gas for energy efficiency.
  • Do not discolor over time and will last longer than acrylic.
  • Air tight keeps out dust, humidity, and unwanted outside noise by up to 50% than a plastic.
  • Get accessories such as blinds and flashing.
  • Optional impact resistant skylights

Need a custom solution? Innovative Skylights and Attics manufactures glass skylights.

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innovative skylight-acrylicMulti-wall polycarbonate skylights are available upon customer request.

Typically they are used for barrel vault or structural skylights.

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